About Carroll & Associates

We Will Beat Any Quote

If you have been given a fixed quote for legal work, speak to us and we will beat it

We Are Available When You Need Us

If you need legal assistance at short notice, we are there for you day or night and on weekends

We Can Come to You

We are based on the Lower North Shore, but, if you can’t come to us, we can come to you at your convenience and at no extra cost


Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

Our aim is to provide you with fixed or capped fees for all the matters that you retain us on. We also offer flexible retainer arrangements which we can agree with you based on the volume and complexity of the work you would like us to undertake

Even where your matter is contentious, we can provide you with a variety of fee arrangements that give you predictability so that you have visibility on the economic merits of pursing your matter

If your claim is for injury, loss or unfair dismissal, we offer no win/no fee arrangements so that you won’t pay a dime unless your claim is successful – and even then payment of our fees will come from the person who has caused your injury or loss or the employer who is found to have unfairly dismissed you